Preparing your files for digital printing:

File Format: We can output from most file types and many platforms including Mac, PC, SGI and others. Send your files on: Jaz, Zip, Syquest disks, or 3.5" floppies, 1.3 GB or 650 MB MO disks, 200, 88 or 44MB. Save Postscript files as EPS.

File Size: All files will be processed at the highest resolution possible and the image size they are received in. The maximum dimensions for standard prints are 8.263 X 10.763". Tabloid size available soon.

Important Tips:

1) Files up to 30 MB can often be compressed to fit on a floppy disk if they are converted to JPEG or PICT format. Results show no visible loss of image quality.

2) Avoid extra processing charges by keeping your Postscript page layout files under 20 MB. Base processing fee is $15.

3) Avoid extra processing charge by keeping image dimensions no larger than 8.263" X 10.763". $5 charge for rescaling oversized files.

4) Be sure to make back up copies of all images sent by mail. Customer agrees to waive any claim to damage by delivery or use of customer's disks.

5) Digital Reflexions printing is electronically calibrated for consistent results and accurate color reading. If the prints that you receive do not match what you see on your monitor, there could be a few possible reasons. A) your monitor needs to be properly calibrated. B)You may have selected colors that are "out of gamut" for reproduction. Please check your software manual for discussions of out of gamut colors. Digital Reflexions is committed to giving you satisfying results. If you have sent us an image that has colors out of gamut, we will attempt to notify you before processing your order.

6) It is important to understand that the transmitted light colors that come from your color monitor are different from the colors produced in reflected materials such as digital prints. If you want to have your colors match a certain color swatch (for example the Pantone system, please include that information with your order, and we will do our best to match it).

7) For specific instructions on preparing Postscipt files, please call or e-mail us in advance, and let us know what program you're using. We can quickly respond with instructions for Adobe Pagemaker, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Macromedia Freehand, and Others.

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