When we went digital a five years ago we searched everywhere for the best digital output available. We looked at the dye-subs, the Irises, you name it. Nothing could match the Fujifilm prints for quality, durability and reliability. Fujifilm prints are not dye-sublimation, they're real photographic prints of your digital images.

Unlike dye-sub or Iris prints, you can put Fuji film prints in your portfolio and expect them to last as long as a photograph. You can even laminate them to your poster boards (they're heat tolerant). Doing this with dye-sub prints will leave you with a mess. Although we have been utilizing this printing system for in-house jobs, we are now offering you access to this expensive technology at an affordable price. So if you have been looking for super high quality output of your digital images, search no more !

Dye Sublimation Prints:

Dye-sub prints fade in just a few years
Colors are not always consistent
Have screen pattern or dithering
Blacks created from red, yellow, blue ribbons do not have true rich black
Low resolution type looks fuzzy
Registration problems because colors are laid down in 3 passes
Dust between ribbon and paper often causes spots

Fujifilm Prints:

Fujifilm prints last as long as standard photos
Multiple prints are identical
No visible screen pattern
Blacks are true black
Type is extremely sharp, even rasterized postscript
Single pass, no registering
No ribbons. Spotless prints
Fuji prints are priced competitively with dye-sub prints and are available with a quick turnaround time for your convenience.

Preparing your files for digital printing

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Fujifilm is a registered trademark of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
Iris is a trademark of IRIS Graphics, Inc.