About the Illustrator



Andrew Grivas, M.A.


Andrew Grivas, M.A., is a medical illustrator with three decades of experience in the field. He received his Masters Degree in 1984 from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Art as Applied to Medicine Program. He has a B.S. inZoology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Andrew is recipient of the 1997 Award of Excellence in Surgical Textbook Illustration from the Association of Medical Illustrators.

He began his career as a staff medical illustrator for the University of Minnesota in 1984 and has been working as a full time free-lance medical illustrator since then. Over 25,000 illustrations by Andrew Grivas appear in print: Surgical atlases, college textbooks, medical trade journals, and product literature for medical device manufacturers.

In 1994, Andrew began the transfer of his work to the computer and expanded his services to include archival-quality digital printing service via the WWW as well as photo-editing and photo-retouching, and 3D modeling and medical legal illustration.